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ONNX Runtime Node.js API

ONNX Runtime Node.js binding enables Node.js applications to run ONNX model inference.



Install the latest stable version:

npm install onnxruntime

Install the latest dev version:

npm install onnxruntime@dev

Refer to Node.js samples for samples and tutorials.


ONNXRuntime works on Node.js v12.x+ or Electron v5.x+.

Following platforms are supported with pre-built binaries:

  • Windows x64 CPU NAPI_v3
  • Linux x64 CPU NAPI_v3
  • MacOS x64 CPU NAPI_v3

To use on platforms without pre-built binaries, you can build Node.js binding from source and consume it by npm install <onnxruntime_repo_root>/nodejs/.

See also build instructions for building ONNX Runtime Node.js binding locally.