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ONNX Runtime JavaScript API

ONNX Runtime JavaScript API is the unified interface used by ONNX Runtime Node.js binding, ONNX Runtime Web and ONNX Runtime for React Native.


Supported Versions

  • ONNX Runtime Node.js binding: Node.js v12.x+ or Electron v5.x+
  • ONNX Runtime Web: mainstream modern browsers on Windows, macOS, Android and iOS.
  • ONNX Runtime for React Native: TBD


Builds are published to npm and can be installed using npm install

Package Artifact Description Supported Platforms
Node.js binding onnxruntime-node CPU (Release) Windows x64 CPU NAPI_v3, Linux x64 CPU NAPI_v3, MacOS x64 CPU NAPI_v3
Web onnxruntime-web   Browsers (wasm, webgl), Node.js (wasm)
React Native onnxruntime-react-native    

For Node.js binding, to use on platforms without pre-built binaries, you can build Node.js binding from source and consume using npm install <onnxruntime_repo_root>/js/node/.

API Reference

See Typescript declarations for Inference Session, Tensor and Environment Flags for reference.

See also ONNX Runtime JavaScript examples.